reMarkable iPhone Templates

March 11, 2018 · Image

When I first found out how easy it is to add custom templates to my reMarkable tablet, I was like “Oh yeah, that’s neat.” But then it hit me, how useful it could be:

Ok I'm excited

Sketching for mobile. That’s really useful! I could make all the mobile templates I could ever want, in any style I want. I’m always needing them at work, and I thought I’d share them. In the near future, I’ll need to update with the Plus series (considering I carry an iPhone 7 Plus), and then add in some Android devices.

You can download the templates for your reMarkable tablet below. If you need help loading them onto your tablet, I followed the directions on Luca Fluri’s Blog with the exception that I prefer Panic’s Transmit to FileZilla. Also, you may want to rename the files before transferring to your reMarkable, as the filename sets the title when selecting a template.

If you want to customize the templates, they’re available as Sketch files in Sketch Cloud.