Site Redesign

September 03, 2013 · Post

Today I deployed the newest version of my website to Github. For the past year my site was powered by WordPress; however it was way more firepower than I needed. When all I have is occasional posts and sometimes adding new porfolio/work pages, it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to be maintaining WP updates, etc. Now it’s powered by Jekyll, LESS, and love.


  • Write posts in Markdown
  • Git
  • Github ♥
  • Free hosting
  • When I notice something not working or that I want to change, I just create a new Issue


  • I’m probably going to have to host images using something like Dropbox so my repo doesn’t get giant (no biggie)

While this site redesign might not be fully complete, it’s still fun to deploy early and keep working on it – because, Github.