Scientist, or Artist?

January 20, 2014 · Post

So a friend and I walk into Press Coffee, which is spectacularly close to the 29th Drive office. While waiting in line, an older gentleman notices my beard, which at this point is long enough to attract attention. Now, it was quite noisy, and this gentleman had an accent which made him hard to understand at first. I’m quite American in that I only fluently speak American English, so accents are sometimes impossible for me to understand (Never mind the fact that my hearing has been damaged from far too many Punk Rock shows in my youth). He commented on my beard, and since I couldn’t quite understand, I replied with “Oh, thank you.”

He then asked me, “Are you scientist, or artist? Your beard… You must be scientist, or artist.”

I replied “Uh… Artist!”, but thinking later I’m not so sure. I mean, isn’t a good deal of what I do is more akin to computer science than art? Or is it that I, like many of my peers, are starting to identify with Industrial Design rather than Graphic Design? Maybe I should have answered “Both.” The question, however, was my favorite moment of the day.