My Presentation from PHXDW 2017

April 22, 2018 · Post

I meant to post this like, 6 months ago but life happened . Lots of work. An in-lab sleep study. Hospital visits. A trip to Disneyland with my wife and my kids. Well, that part was fun!

I really enjoyed giving this talk, even if I tried to cram too much into a short amount of time, and worked a little too hard on it, and stressed out over it way too much. But that’s what designers do, right?

One of the things I promised when giving this talk as well was that I would include a link to my personal set of Design Favorites I’ve collected over the years. Some of my coworkers have asked for me to share this stuff from time to time as well—and it’s not a carefully crafted collection by any means. However, there are some goodies in there, and probably some embarrassing tidbits as well. Have fun sorting out all of the stuff that’s no longer working and if you end up somewhere super weird, I am not responsible. Open at your own risk.

One more thing. If you’re looking for some of my cat GIFs, you might be able to find them in My Gif Collection.