But, is it free?

June 22, 2019 · Post

The culture of software creators only wanting free software has caused me to rant at more than one place of employment. I can’t tell you how many times I run into app creators that, when being told about an app, immediately ask me “Is it free?” They literally won’t get an app if it costs money.

Buddy. Give me a break. You literally make apps for a living, but you won’t pay for an app that’s less than $20. How much money do you make again? Here, let me shut the door to your Tesla your hands are full with your MBP.

Why is it that there is no perceived value in software? The people who work in the software industry know how expensive it is to create software. They must know what their salary is, and be able to estimate the salary of their peers, and project what it takes to make something… Right?

What’s the reason people started making software? Did they get hooked on free apps and think 🤔 “I bet I can make a ton of money making free apps?” Most people with hobbies spend money on their hobbies. But not us.

The only hypothesis I can make is that for some reason, free apps, freemium models, and open source projects have made people think that good things should be free. Unlike other fields of interest, where people pay money for things. Like skis. Or golf clubs. Or game consoles.

But open source projects (and the others mentioned) do have a cost. And, they are often powered by volunteers. Those volunteers are donating their expertise and time – which has real value – to create that project. That doesn’t make it any less valuable.

Bottom line is, if you’ll spend $5 at Starbucks for your drinks and tip the barista, pony up and support your fellow creators once in a while. They deserve it, they worked hard, too 🙂.