Design job posts need to reprioritize

October 19, 2019 · Post

Even though I’m happily employed at Keap, I still enjoy reading the job postings from sources such as We Work Remotely or Angellist. With all of the various newsletters that end up in my inbox, however, there’s relatively few postings I ever actually read.

You see, most of the postings decide to use the short descriptive paragraph in the email that gets sent out – sometimes just a sentence – to tell potential talent a set of industry standard job requirements. Or worse, some design jargon soup, overflowing with the latest fads.

Let me clue you in: the people you’re looking for? They know how to do their ducking job.

If you’re posting a job in a remote job newsletter, or you’re a scrappy startup, I’ve probably never heard of you. Tell me who you are. Tell me why you’re looking for people. Tell me about your values and culture. That is what will attract talent, because that is what talent is looking for: something to believe in.