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January 04, 2014 · Post

I Can't Read This

The Starbucks app for Android has it’s fair share of issues, but the worst I’ve found is when you log out of the app. I might be wrong, but it looks like some kind of character encoding issue.

December 20, 2013 · Post

This Is Not a Touchscreen

Here’s another UI fail… Windows 8, running in VMWare Fusion, insists that my iMac is a touchscreen device. It’s impossible to dismiss this dialog without restarting, and eventually it shows up again. Go home, Windows. You’re drunk.

November 20, 2013 · Post

You has Negative Messages

I’ve decided to start recording all the little UI failures I experience in software. Mostly because they are funny; having a collection of these is also good for teaching myself about patterns to avoid. The first (which I’m sure I sent out to Twitter) comes from Apple’s Messages app: it has to do with poor syncing of the read/unread status of an iMessage. Instead of clearing the unread status of the icon, it displays a negative number. Not sure if this is fixed yet.

November 10, 2013 · Post

Photoshop, Paths, PDF

I had an interesting dillema pop up while working on some Photoshop comps that were going to be delivered as PDF files. The PDF exports contained bar charts which were easiest to create using vector paths due to their design style; and while Illustrator may have been easier to handle such content, the project required Photoshop to be used.

September 03, 2013 · Post

Site Redesign

Today I deployed the newest version of my website to Github. For the past year my site was powered by WordPress; however it was way more firepower than I needed. When all I have is occasional posts and sometimes adding new porfolio/work pages, it doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to be maintaining WP updates, etc. Now it’s powered by Jekyll, LESS, and love.

March 23, 2013 · Post

My Most Annoying Client...

Is me. Constant needs for revision, change, and redesign.

March 11, 2013 · Post

Magento Cart Buttons

Sometimes I find myself needing to modify the default behavior of Magento’s Add to Cart button. If it’s a Bundled Product, for example, the default Cart button in the Grid and List views will throw an error at the user if the bundle has required options1. It makes more sense for the button to say something like Configure Now, and take the user to the product page.

March 07, 2013 · Link

Invision App

Use this app/site to create mockups that users can use and experience. Nail down that design before starting to code.

February 26, 2013 · Post

Fumbling with Git

I’m starting to fumble my way around Git. I have to say, Github is making it quite fun (and easy to learn). Until recently, I had only used Github for downloading repos and Gists… It’s peaked my interest enough that I’m taking a stab at making a couple of Mac utilities. We’ll see how this turns out. And if I can make the leap from HTML/PHP/JavaScript to Cocoa.

November 18, 2012 · Post

Processes, Design, and Spreadsheets

I was watching the documentary Objectified recently and was struck by Jonathan Ive’s comments about spending a great deal of time designing the processes to make the actual product that they had designed. I realized that I also spend a great deal of time designing processes. Take, for example, designing a website. A website isn’t a static design, such as a poster. It’s an interactive interface to a person or company’s brand (Some have argued that it is the brand). Updating, changing, and adding content to a website can involve multiple processes.

November 03, 2012 · Quote

I Couldn't Say it Any Better

In the nineteenth century, which was a dark and inflationary age in typography and type design, many compositors were encouraged to stuff extra space between sentences. Generations of twentieth-century typists were then taught to do the same, by hitting the spacebar twice after every period. Your typing as well as your typesetting will benefit from unlearning this quaint Victorian habit. As a general rule, no more than a single space is required after a period, a colon, or any other mark of punctuation.

Robert Bringhurst, The Elements of Typographic Style
November 01, 2012 · Quote


Typography is not about making or choosing a nice font. Whether you design or set type, what you do is designing [sic] text for optimal performance.

Oliver Reichenstein, Interview at The Verge